Nuts and Bolts

  • Meetings are required to be one hour or less.
  • Each member commits to donating $100 per meeting on a quarterly basis ($400 annually).  
  • Members bring a blank check to be written out directly to the selected charity.  If a member is unable to attend a meeting she may give her check to another member to deliver on her behalf or she may mail it in preferably before the meeting.
  • All donations will be provided to Salt Lake area charities serving the greater Salt Lake area.  Donations benefitting national charities will not be considered.  However, If a national charity has a local group affiliation and the donation will only benefit the greater Salt Lake area, that is allowable for consideration.
  • Members who wish to submit a charity for consideration must complete a Charitable Organization Fact Sheet and be ready to make a five-minute presentation at the meeting to the members about such charity. Polarizing/divisive non-profits/causes will be avoided.  
  • Three names will be randomly drawn from the bag at the meeting. Each person will then have five minutes to make her presentation. 
  • Only members who have signed a Commitment Form, been a member for one meeting (may present at their second meeting)  and are current on their contributions may submit a charity for consideration. We do not allow other members to put their names in for the same charity to increase the chances of getting selected. But you can ask your friends to join 100 WWC that day and vote for your charity as long as they intend to be long term members.
  • It is considered poor manners to join this organization for the sole purpose of getting a donation for a specific charity, and once a donation is received, quit the group. 
  • Only members who are current in their contributions are eligible to vote at meetings.
  • A 5 minute Q&A session will take place immediately following the three presentations and directly preceding member voting.
  • Each member will vote by ballot - the majority rules.  Even if your choice does not win, all members are responsible for writing a check to the winning charity.
  • If a member presents for a particular charity that is not chosen, the member is still eligible to submit that same charity at subsequent meetings for a total of three times.  If the charity is not chosen, they must wait 2 years to submit again. If a member's charity is chosen, that charity is not eligible to be considered for future consideration for a period of 3 years, however, the member is still eligible to submit the name of another charity.
  • In the case of a two-way tie the membership will be provided with the names of the two charities and a second vote will be taken.  If the second vote results in another tie then we will randomly pick one of the two charities name out of a hat.  In the case of a three-way tie we will randomly pick one of the three names out of a hat.
  • The winning charity must agree not to use the names of the members for future solicitations or give member information out for any other public use or purpose.  The charity is also invited to send a representative to a future meeting to explain to the membership how the funds have been used.
  • After you donate to the winning 501 (c) charity, you will receive a thank you note via e-mail with the information you will need to make a tax deduction.


Salt Lake CIty

Who We Are

100 Women Who Care is exactly that - a group of 100 women who care deeply about our community. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, the members of this group gather four times annually and each member writes a $100 check to the same charity. This group donation is intended to make an impact. Our mission and our hope is to provide for those in greatest need in our community. We have strength in numbers.

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100 Women Who Care was started in November of 2006 by Karen Dunigan of Jackson, Michigan, as a brilliantly simple way to raise money efficiently and quickly for local charities. Her group of 100 women, at their first one-hour meeting, each wrote a check for $100 directly to the charity, raising $10,000 to buy 300 new baby cribs for an organization in their city. Since then, they have grown to over 300 members and 100 Women Who Care chapters are forming all over the country. 

Sadly, Karen died in April of 2014. We are thankful for the good she brought to the world and are honored to carry on her legacy. 

Click on this button to read an open letter from Karen Dunigan, founder of 100 Women Who Care.