Copyright 2013. Lisa Evans. All rights reserved.
Copyright 2013. Lisa Evans. All rights reserved.

Together we are making an impact through four one-hour meetings a year with a donation of $100 each meeting for a charity presented by one of three members whose names are drawn.  I hope you’ll join us in making a difference in the lives of others. Thanks for your interest!!

Please fill out a Commitment Form. The information is needed for planning purposes for the meetings, for labels to give to the organizations that receive our donations, and for a directory that will be kept private. Please indicate if you want to be included in our members-only directory. Return the form by scanning and e-mailing it or you may also bring it to the next meeting.

Your commitment to this group will make an impact on our community and last a lifetime.

Become a member. Join us today!

Salt Lake CitY

Commitment Form