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Lisa Evans, Founder 
Karen Edgley, Treasurer
Pat Murphy, Membership
Moyne Osborne, Community Relations
Donna Rigby, Web Master 
Jessica Farnsworth, Social Media

Salt Lake CitY

Sponsors & Volunteers

A gracious thank you to:

  • Richard Paul Evans:  logo sponsor (contacted by Karen Roylance)
  • Fran Platt: logo designer
  • Council Chambers of the City and County Building: our meeting location (reserved by Lisa Adams)
  • Kura Door: donating spa gift certificates
  • Basalt Day Spa:  donating spa gift certificates
  • Cakes by Seretta: two lovely cakes at our December meetings (baked and donated by Seretta Hart)
  • Progrexion:  donates $100 to the two nominated charities that don't receive the Impact Award at each of our meetings.